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 Bond Issue

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PostSubject: Bond Issue   Bond Issue Icon_minitimeSat Jan 07, 2012 11:06 pm

Corporate Bond Financing in Switzerland and worldwide: your unparalleled/undivided solution to secure long-term financing to your projects.

Over the decade prior to the onset of the financial crisis, there were few rating downgrades and negligible bond defaults in the international capital market. In addition, the reduction in investor demand and the re-intermediation of the corporate sector saw Banks' sharply scaled back their lending in favor of corporations with strong development capabilities to anticipate the future.

Corporate Bond Market is one of the largest debt markets on the planet. Not only does it generally help large corporations meet their capital needs, but it also provides investors with a broad range of opportunity, with access to a variety of debt structure, maturity dates, credit quality and industry exposure.
set up holding company in Switzerland
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Bond Issue
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