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 ARES P2P review

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PostSubject: ARES P2P review   Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:28 pm

Ares is an internet based exchange program that enables the users to freely interchange any type of digital file, including videos, images, audio, documents, archives, software etc. Once you get Ares downloaded and installed you instantly become a member of the peer to peer network which automatically enables you to search, download and exchange generally any file published by other users throughout the virtual community. When you find what you were interested in, you can freely share it with all your peers and friends. In addition, Ares is Multilanguage and allows multiple downloads from multiple locations, which speeds up the process significantly. You can also search on multiple windows.

Ares is not only fast but also very easy. It works behind firewalls and requires zero configurations. The software incorporates multiple features to make your life easy and have fun at the same time. With the built-in audio and video players you can preview the files you want Ares to download before you actually start the process. The preview option also allows you to organize your playlist by categories like name, type or just alphabetically and find what you want from your database in a blink of an eye. Ares player also supports the internet radio and Shoutcast.

To meet your friends or find new one you can enter the chat rooms, host your own one and even join other available channels users. Creating these chitchat rooms is just other tip on the iceberg. You chat and find new friends in these talk rooms.

The Ares software also has a powerful records manager which will enable you to share files and organize the files into categories in a library section. With download Ares you are able to sort your files by type, categories and even easily change your share setting. With the handy quick search features you are able to locate your files by just simply typing the keyword.

Ares download is the ultimate choice because it is easy to use, powerful and fast file interchange system.

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ARES P2P review
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