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 Coffee Bags - Foil Pouches

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PostSubject: Coffee Bags - Foil Pouches   Coffee Bags - Foil Pouches Icon_minitimeTue Aug 16, 2011 9:58 pm

We also offer a variety of styles of Side Gusseted Pouches including Easy Peel, Aroma Patterned and Quad Sealed Pouches. Combined with Heat Sealers, these Side Gusseted Foil Bags are popularly used to hold ground or whole coffee beans, powdered mixes, nuts or even loose-leaf teas. The narrow width of the bag makes it perfect for sampling. When used as Coffee Bags, the addition of a one way degassing valve is necessary to relieve the pouch of the air produced by freshly roasted coffee beans without letting outside air back in. This keeps your coffee fresh and prevents the Coffee Bags from bursting. Another way of closing this product is the use of Tin Ties, instead of Heat Sealers. You can find examples of these Foil Bags at local grocery stores and coffee shops.

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Coffee Bags - Foil Pouches
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