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 Is Distilled Water safe to drink?

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Is Distilled Water safe to drink? Empty
PostSubject: Is Distilled Water safe to drink?   Is Distilled Water safe to drink? Icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2011 1:51 am

Distillation is the only way to effectively clean public tap water. If you have clean well water or a clean natural water aquifer, distillation is not necessary and you are truly blessed! The only issue with water distillation is that it removes all mineral content from the water, and minerals are vital to health. For this reason we recommend adding just one drop of Optimally Organic Fulvic Ionic Minerals to each gallon of distilled water. This will restructure and re-mineralize your water, adding ancient plant and algae derived ionic macro minerals, 77 ionic trace minerals, electrolytes, and essential amino acids.

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Is Distilled Water safe to drink?
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