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 Anger Management Using the Compliment Sandwich

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Anger Management Using the Compliment Sandwich Empty
PostSubject: Anger Management Using the Compliment Sandwich   Anger Management Using the Compliment Sandwich Icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2011 7:16 am

Do you ever find yourself getting more and more angry and
frustrated while trying to explain what is bothering you?
Perhaps you feel like others are not really listening to you or
trying to understand things from your perspective. In such
circumstances, you may end up raising your voice or becoming
verbally or even physically abusive. Unfortunately, responding
in this manner usually decreases your chances of being
listened to with empathy and compassion.

Another maladaptive way of handling your feelings, perhaps out
of fear of losing control, is to work extra hard at keeping
everything bottled up inside. What happens here is similar to
what happens when a balloon keeps filling up with more and
more air. The balloon will expand as far as it can and then
eventually pop.

However, if the balloon periodically releases some of its air, the
likelihood is it will never reach that point of popping. Similarly, a
person who uses assertive communication will be much less
likely to become explosive. As one of the eight core anger
management techniques, assertive communication involves
honestly and effectively communicating your feelings while
doing so in a nonhostile fashion.

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Anger Management Using the Compliment Sandwich
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