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 Steroids & Blood Doping on Steroids

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PostSubject: Steroids & Blood Doping on Steroids   Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:30 pm

One of the ways athletes can improve their performance is by blood boosting. Blood boosting has been around for about 40 years and has been widely abused by athletes. But because of the secrecy surrounding it, not many people are aware of it. Unlike anabolic steroids which are eaten or injected, blood boosting entails a lot more. The technique of blood doping requires the help of health care professionals.
Blood boosting is essentially the administration of blood or blood products to an athlete to boost performance. Alternative names for blood boosting are blood doping or blood packing. In the world of sports, blood boosting is illegal and is banned. Many athletes in the past have used this technique to boost their performance. The technique is extremely hard to detect but the Sporting agencies are developing newer methods to screen for this practice.

How it is done
The process of blood boosting involves removing blood from the athlete. The blood is then stored for 6-8 weeks. The athlete continues to train with the decreased amount of blood in the body. Over the coming 2-3 weeks, the athlete then rebuilds the blood which was removed. Just before a sports event, the removed blood is hyper oxygenated and given back to the athlete. The athlete is now hyper loaded with fresh red blood cells. This increased in red blood cells results in more oxygen and a greater ability to perform. A variant of this procedure is to receive a blood transfusion from an unknown donor just before a sporting event. However, donated blood also possesses risk of infections and allergic reactions.
The amount of blood removed from the athlete varies from 1-3 units (each unit is about 450 cc). The blood is spun and the plasma is separated from the red blood cells. The red blood cells are stored in the cold and then reinfused back in the body just a few days before a sporting event. When done in a proper way, this can increase the red cell count by another 20%.

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Steroids & Blood Doping on Steroids
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